Top 100 Movies Poster

Not a regular Movie Poster
This movie poster is special, if you're a movie fanatic or just enjoy movies from time to time, this poster is for you. All 100 Movies are hand picked and a must watch from every genre.
Get your popcorn ready and start scratching!
Gamify Movie Night
Sometimes it takes a while to pick which movie you want to watch. With this poster you can make every movie night a fun a entertaining event. Every one of the films listed on our poster is a film that's been critically acclaimed. Once you've finished the movie scratch it off the poster to reveal a nice graphic representation of the film.

High Quality - Our poster is made of high quality laminated paper and easy to scratch off gold covering the random selection of movies. 

100 Fun Selections - Our poster has 100 hand picked movie options to choose from. This can be a fun time for kids, adults, parties, or just a movie night with your significant other.

Perfect Size - The poster is printed on A2 Paper which makes it the perfect size to be hung on the wall and even fits standard A2 frames.

Conversation starter - What's a better way to entertain guests or a loved one than a movie night! Using our poster will make your guest(s) impressed and excited to watch the next movie on your list. Also since the scratched off movies are viable it let's you talk about what movies you've seen in the pasts and discuss whether you liked them or not.