3D Stress Ball

SQUISHY MATERIAL - The Push-Elastic exterior of the stress ball is made Of High-Grade Silicone Material that any child/adult Can Safely Play With and not cause any harm because It Is very soft and malleable.

SMART DESIGN - The 3D Silicone Stress Ball is brightly colored and there is a slight popping sound when The bubble Is pushed, which Is fun and it releases stress.

MANY USES - This stress ball can be used from party games, or as children's toys. It's suitable for almost any scenario you need. If you have stress and want to release it, this ball is for you!

GREAT GIFT - The 3D stress ball is a perfect gift for anyone! Whether it's a child, co-worker, parent, or client! Everyone deals with stress in their life and a stress ball helps them relieve it 

TRAIN YOUR GRIP - This ball can also help you retrain your grip. If you previously hurt your hand, or you want to improve your grip you can practice your moments.