Bread LOAFers

FUNNY PRODUCT - The next time you're in the kitchen, make a loaf of bread - and some Bread Slippers to go with it! These unique slippers are made to look just like fresh bread, and they're perfect for keeping your feet warm on chilly days. Whether you're looking for a new way to keep your feet cozy, or you just want a laugh, these Bread Slippers are sure to please.

COMFERTABLE - These are the bread slippers you've been dreaming of! They're made of soft, cozy fabric and they fit snugly on your feet, just like a pair of gloves. But the best part is that when you wear them, you get to feel like you're walking on fresh bread all day long. Who wouldn't love that?

PERFECT GIFT - This is the perfect gag gift for anyone who enjoys cooking, making bread, eating bread, etc. Almost everyone you know would find this product funny!