Fidget Ring

This three ring Fidget Spinner is a safe and fun toy. It has round corner and doesn't need oil or maintenance. It's light weight and easy to carry, rounded smooth surface can protect fingers from scratches. With new ungraded magnets you will get a better experience during your fidget session and the rings won't fall off.

EASY TO PLAY - Finger magnetic rings is easy to play with, hold it with one finger and then with your other hand spin the rest of the rings. Spin time on average lasts 30s-1min. Spin them, do tricks, stick them to surfaces, anything you imagine you can do! The rings come in sets of 3, you can play games with friends, such as track, hockey, billiard, wheel rotating, Make your daily life fun.

ATTRACT ATTENTION - The mysterious power from doing tricks with the fidget rings attract people's attention. Creating impressive tricks will help you become the center of attention at a party, festival, or any other occasion. This will help others look at you ina a new light, and improve people's perception of you.

REDUCES STRESS - If you get the urge to fidget these rings will keep you occupied! The anti-stress magnetic rings will make you calm and relax your mood and stress. The magnetic spin rings can help curb unwanted habits such as nail biting and smoking. This is a great remedy for to help with anxiety, focus, adhd, autism. Best Anti-Stress device!

PERFECT GIFT - The magnetic ring can be used as a carefully selected birthday gift for your child. Your child will love this simple and fun stress-relieving ring very much, and it will help them when they feel the urge to fidget. Suitable for kids, boys, girls, adults, pretty much anyone that fidgets or wants a fun creative toy to play with. Packed with exquisite colorful box, it is a very good choice for kids and adults’ gifts.