iFly Orb

SAFE FOR KIDS - Keep your children engaged for hours on end! Not only is iFly completely safe, it actually improves reflexes and can be great exercise - for both the body and the mind.

EXTREMELY PORTABLE - The iFly Orb is small enough to fit in your hand or pocket -- take it on-the-go and play whenever or wherever you like! Favorite settings include the park, the beach, around the house, and just about anywhere. 

LED LIGHTS - Each iFly Orb is equipped with high-tech LED lighting for extra fun in the dark! No more counting on the sun being out to play catch.

QUICK CHARGE - Charging the iFly Orb for just over 20 minutes will power it for 30 minutes of flight time. iFly is charged with a USB cable into any computer or wall power source.