Lightsaber Chopsticks

FUNNY - It will light up your hanging out with loved ones and makes your date memorable. Pull the attention at any local or international restaurant. It makes friends jealous when you pull out your chopsticks at the restaurants.

ILLUMINATING LEDS - With a simple push of a button on the highly detailed lightsaber hilt (Jedi not required) the "blade" glows bright color so you'll never have to eat in the dark.

EXTENSIVE DURABILITY - Our chopsticks are made of thick plastic material which are durable and easy to clean. These chopsticks are much more durable than other chopsticks and have nice small swirly design and tapered end for easy food pickup.

PERFECT DESIGN - On the top of these chopsticks we adopt passivizing treatment to avoid injuries, and thread design on upper part can make you hold them easier and more comfortable. It's ideal for any Asian-style dinner party, Sushi Night and any Asian features party.