Custom Paint by Numbers Canvas

Make Painting Enjoyable!
Take a photo or memory that you love and we'll create a custom paint by numbers canvas for it and even send you the paint! All you have to do is choose an image and start matching the paint numbers to the ones in the lines on the canvas.

HOW TO PAINT - Just fill the paint labeled with number to the same number on the canvas carefully and precisely. Let it dry for a few hours or overnight and it's ready to hang. Any photo works.

NO SKILL NEEDED - Zero artistic ability is needed to start, Adults beginner, and kids can participate. Painting is the way to reduce anxiety, create focus and promote mindfulness.

SUGGESTED PHOTOS - We suggest high Resolution Photo: photos of very low resolution, dim lighting, over exposure or similar background colors may not have good effect. We can use any photo you want: a fun moment, a good memory, your pets, your loved ones, anything you can imagine!


  • 1 numbered high-quality canvas with 2 screws for installation to the wall
  • 3 paint brushes (Varying bristles - 1x small, 1x medium, 1x large)
  • 1x set of easy-to-follow instructions for use