Plasma Globe

LARGE PLASMA GLOBE - The large 8" plasma ball is the perfect way to create an awesome science-like atmosphere in your bedroom, living room or office. This super cool toy will make you feel like you're floating through space!

TOUCH-SENSITIVE PLASMA GLOBE - Touching the Plasma Globe is like magic! The more you rub, the brighter it glows. It’s so much fun in the dark and a great demonstration of scientific principles The switch turns on with your touch - just think: science + rays = spectacular effect.

RESPONDS TO MUSIC & SOUND - It's incredible! Watch as your every touch triggers electric beams to appear and respond in unique patterns. Flip the switch, enable audio playback mode - what we have here is like a real-life music visualizer that swirls and pulsates with each beat of any song you choose.

GREAT GIFT - The plasma ball is the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it be birthday parties or festivals. It can spark kids' curiosity and bring their scientific fantasies to life with ease! Plasma Ball will make you laugh as they catch on how magical these glowing balls actually are in person; there's no doubt that all age groups would love them too!