Thumb Piano

Bring out your inner Musician

The thumb piano allows you to create lovely music right from the palm of your hands. This piano has 8 notes creating a full musical octave, this means that you can play any son you want! This is a perfect gift for children and adults alike, and is made of high quality materials.

Easy to learn - It doesn't take much to learn how to play the thumb piano. In no time you'll be able to play your favorite songs.

Great Sound - The quality of sound from the thumb piano is top notch. It's very small and portable yet keeps sound consistency and bountiful musical ring.

Ergonomic Design - Our ergonomic design allows the thumb piano to be easily and comfortably held in the palm of your hands. The materials are high quality with stainless steel keys, and polished wood body.

Made for any Music - Due to the design of the keys it's ultra durable, with engraved notes. All you have to do is look up sequences of notes for your favorite song and then rehearse it on you your instrument.